Bullvator's Rotary Tillers, with simple construction but strong design are appropriate for dry land application in hard soil and wet land cultivation in light soil and deep puddling. Available in wide range of working widths to suit 25 to 60 HP tractors.

The model is provided with SG Iron gear box and crown wheel and pinion developed through the CF technology.

The key features include sturdy gear box and crown pinion, compact size, light weight, less power consumption and sheet metal top mast.

Its application includes: Soil conditioning, weed control, fertilizer incorporation, seedbed preparation and puddling in wet land. Most suitable for large & medium farms and field preparation for crops like sugarcane, cotton, rice, potato, wheat, vegetables and dry land crops.


  • Produces fine seed bed with one or two passes before or after rains.
  • Most suitable for removal of sugarcane, paddy, wheat, caster, grass, vegetable stubbles.
  • It retains soil moisture and increases soil porosity and aeration, which enhance germination and growth of crops.
  • It can be used in dry and wet fields.
  • It tilth soil finely, incorporates every kind of crops residues and improves the organic structure of soil.
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